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 The performance group code "M" was established in April 2000, by MAKI, a composer and pianist, with her as its producer. In addition to centering on MAKI's original songs, many other works are creatively arranged from various genres such as classical, jazz, Japanese folk music, and ethnic music. Using a live concept, the group also collaborates visual imaging, art, dance, etc., creating enjoyable concerts with a sense of sight.

 MAKI and most of the group's performers are graduates of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, with excellent careers and award-winning histories in western classical and Japanese traditional music. Their wide-range of musical talents is fully expressed in the code "M" ensemble. Regarding the group's performance style at each concert, by assembling the instruments and excellent players as pictured by composer MAKI, the image of the songs is ever-changing and is sublimely transformed into a new expression every time. This in itself is a characteristic of the code "M" sound.

 In this way, code "M" has held a total of 30 series of concerts over 9 years, and released its long-awaited 1st album "Blue Zone" in 2007. Then, in the activity process, not stopping with compilations with western musical instruments, but by the collection of numerous performances with traditional Japanese musical instruments that express Japanese culture and the players who have inherited those instruments, the 2nd album "WARAKU-Glamorous Feast-" was released.

 In recent years, in addition to holding regular concerts that include Japanese musical instruments which have gained popularity nationally and internationally, musical productions for company receptions (BVLGARI, CHAUMET,etc.) and hotel weddings at designer hotels have also gained much success. And in 2007, MAKI was selected to be the concert director at the East Asian Football Federation(EAFF) 5th anniversary party and the FIFA's public banquet in 2007. The music of code "M" is now being transmitted through international receptions and live-concerts affiliated with businesses, not only in Japan but also throughout the whole world.

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